Welcome to MES Solutions California

A history of excellence:

MES Solutions has been a long time leader in med-legal evaluations pertaining to the complicated California's Workers' Compensation System. Every aspect of MES is fully integrated organizationally, structurally and philosophically. We are a closely-held business committed to our clients for the long term. MES''s AME/QME and IME Medical Evaluator Network is composed of qualified, experienced, and credentialed medical professionals who are prepared to provide expert evaluative opinions throughout California. MES provides its customers unparalleled services: quality reports that are accurate, objective, and timely; convenience for scheduling multi-specialty evaluations and testing; and a variety of unique ancillary services.

Our Mission is to provide:

Timely Service which is unparalleled in the industry.

Quality Physicians and the assurance that every physician and allied health professional in the MES provider network has the appropriate licensure and certifications.

Quality Reports by independent professionals who consistently express their medical opinions accurately, objectively and in accordance with the timelines required.

Convenience of a forum for scheduling multi-specialty medical evaluations, any required testing procedures and a variety of unique ancillary services.

MES Solutions Client Services Representatives are available to ensure exemplary service is provided and to help facilitate questions or needs that a client may have. These professionals are the liaison with the operations servicing the referrals.

Quality Assurance

All medical reports are reviewed by the Quality Assurance Department. The QA staff consists of experienced professionals from the claims or legal industry. Staff members undergo extensive and ongoing training on: 1) proper use of the AMA guidelines; 2) local law changes that affect reporting requirements; and 3) client requirements.

Another mandate of the QA Department is to facilitate constructive communications between the client and the physician. The QA staff ensures that every question posted in the purpose letter is answered and that the internal consistency of the report is maintained. If additional records or questions are supplied subsequent to the issuing of the original report, the QA staff will contact the physician to obtain this information in an expeditious manner. Finally, the QA staff will keep the client updated on the status of any inquiry or pending report.